Today’s MOZEN: The Written Word

F LoBuono

It’s been a while, my friends.

I’ve been derelict in my duties.

I have not posted any original writing in a couple of weeks now (some might say that I haven’t posted anything original in a couple of years — if ever).

There have been a number of excuses.

Some of them legitimate — like, preparing for school and trying to help with the care of a 97 year-old mother.

Others, not so much — like, I don’t give a shit (or worse, nobody gives a shit).

And, I need another bourbon.

Not that many quite noticed (more later).

But, sooner or later, I will always come back to the written word — no matter what form it may take. Writing is both my addiction AND my salvation. Because such is life. And, the writer, the good writer, is the conduit to it.

Parker said it best: “I hate to write. I love having written.”

Words are like old friends; they come and go but, in the end, they are always available when you need them. You may have to search a bit for them, but they’re there.

So, here they are — here WE are.


Even if just for a few moments.

We are connected — united.

In a way that is uniquely human.

With words.

Virtually ALL animals communicate in one form or another. Some may use a simple series of clicks or grunts. Others my be as sophisticated as dolphins and whales who use sonar and echo location as a means of communication. Or, mysterious, like insects who use smell!

However, ONLY humans communicate by a method that is both visual as well as audible — i.e., it is written/read AND spoken.

Yet, my numbers, i.e. the amount of people who actually read my shit is pitiful, at least my today’s so-called Influencer standards. I’m not sure how to change that. Perhaps, I should give more tips on makeup or shoes. The Kardashian/Jenners get millions, I get 25 — not millionsVIEWS.

But, you know, it doesn’t matter.

It ain’t ZERO — and never has been been.

And, I feel better to just having done it. . .

Posted by Frank LoBuono at 6:10 PM